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At Yampa Valley Farms we believe it's wrong to raise birds in 1'x1' cubicles, inside huge warehouses amongst their own feces, on a diet of daily antiobiotics and hormones. In nature, chickens enjoy sunshine, green grass, herbs, insects, natural grains and good clean water. And this is exactly what we offer our birds ... nothing artificial and nothing that goes against what nature intended. The result is a bird unparalleled in quality, nutrition, and purity.

For 2012 we've added a new breed to our flock for which we have high hopes. It's called the Freedom Ranger. The Freedom Ranger originated in France and is well known there to be the finest bird for pastured operations. With its uncanny ability to forage naturally and consume large amounts of greens we believe this bird, with it's slower growth, will be our next superstar. Sometimes slower is better.

Pamper yourself with a pastured bird and join thousands of others in the "clean food movement"!

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