August 17, 2017

Economy Options on Travel Management

A global study of more than 250 corporate travel managers and clients showed that nearly 10 out of 6 did not add the shared economy option of accommodation to travel policies for travel managment. Although this area has other shared economy options, the main focus here is Airbnb. American Express Global Business Travel and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives conducted the survey on data from surveys and interviews conducted in September, so the results are up to date.
June 28, 2017

Vicious Snakes Rule an Island in Brazil

Be it myth or reality, Snake Island in Brazil tells a riveting story of how the island achieved its infamous name. Snake Island is a rocky island sitting off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil. That rocky island jutting out of the sea is home to over 4,000 deadly snakes. The snakes are so vicious that they are said to pluck birds out of the sky and kill them with venom so deadly that it can melt human flesh. The Vicious Golden Lancehead Snake Would you want to travel to […]