Economy Options on Travel Management

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June 28, 2017
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A global study of more than 250 corporate travel managers and clients showed that nearly 10 out of 6 did not add the shared economy option of accommodation to travel policies for travel managment.

Although this area has other shared economy options, the main focus here is Airbnb.

American Express Global Business Travel and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives conducted the survey on data from surveys and interviews conducted in September, so the results are up to date.

One in ten (9%) of the participants said that sharing economy is now included in policies. In general, it is 15% for companies with employees between the ages of 20 and 30.

But while shared-economy businesses are included in travel policies, business travelers are using it, so that 40% of respondents say they have increased for three years.

The report says:

“The travel policy constitutes the infrastructure of the managed travel, but the customers and the marketers are separated from each other in order to change the accommodation in the business trips. A significant segment says that while travel policy is changing to help travelers integrate their business and private lives, on the contrary, a large segment says they have no plans to make changes. ”

The fact is that Airbnb is a good sign that its employees have a warmer look at the shared economy option of businesses aged 20-30.

As the travelers get older, they will expect the travel policy to reflect this when new employees joining the business retain the momentum.

In addition, having a choice of shared economy accommodation from 10 policies can be a good start for a new concept in a well-structured market.