Our Animals

Our Animals

Health is rooted in what you eat. By mimicking nature Yampa Valley Farms raises animals with peak health in mind. We feed our animals diets similar to those found in nature. Using rotational grazing and foresting, natural pesticides and high-quality mineral supplements our animals are an integral part of a healthy farm, a healthy planet and a healthy person.

Scottish Highland Cattle

Because we handle our herd on a daily basis, along with the fact they mature in nearly twice the time of an angus cow, we get years of soil ammendments from each animal. through the summer we move our cows onto fresh pasture daily through a system known as intensive grazing. By following the herd with a flock of egg chickens, whose job it is to turn the manure into the soil, we are able to capitalize on the benefits provided by this natural fertilizer.

Berkshire & Duroc Pigs

Berkshire and Duroc pigs are two breeds of hog very well suited to our system. Our pigs are forested through the summer, meaning they are able to run freely, forage and root through the aspen and scrub oak hillsides surrounding our farm. Along with being leaner, our pork is notably more red, with a more distinct, juicy and rich flavor. Kept free from pests naturally using a mechanical insecticide, and using no other growth stimulant, our pork is the best available.

Wagyu Cattle

Popularized by the Kobe region of Japan, the Wagyu cow is most well known as Kobe beef. The Wagyu cow is slender compared to our Scottish Highlands. Also a slow growth animal, our herd of approximately 20 Wagyu fit in nicely at Yampa Valley Farms.