Vicious Snakes Rule an Island in Brazil

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August 17, 2017

Be it myth or reality, Snake Island in Brazil tells a riveting story of how the island achieved its infamous name. Snake Island is a rocky island sitting off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil. That rocky island jutting out of the sea is home to over 4,000 deadly snakes. The snakes are so vicious that they are said to pluck birds out of the sky and kill them with venom so deadly that it can melt human flesh.

The Vicious Golden Lancehead Snake

Would you want to travel to such an island, which by the way is home to the golden lancehead viper species of snake? Capricious humans in the past have reportedly visited the island and were never heard from again. The Brazilian government indeed has banned travel to that God-forsaken territory.

How the Name Snake Island Came About

As history would have it told, over 11,000 years ago, sea levels rose and consequently separated the rocky island from Brazil. Isolated from the mainland, the remaining snakes had very little access to food.They craftily developed a survival instinct of using what was on hand for food. This is the food chain item of migrating birds that the snakes are said to snatch from the sky during the flyover migration of unfortunate birds that fall victim to the snakes.

The Lighthouse Keeper and His Family

Legend says that the island’s lighthouse keeper and his entire family were wiped out by the vicious snakes a long time ago after the poisonous vipers slithered into the lighthouse and made fast work of striking the victims with venom that disintegrated this family without mercy.

No Permission Given to Travelers Wanting to Visit Snake Island

If you are visiting Brazil and think you might want to visit the island, scrap the idea. Do not be that foolish. In any case, the Brazilian government bans all visitors to the country from visiting Snake Island.

If there is any good news coming out of Snake Island, it is that a scientist with the Brazilian Butantan Institute notes that the medical potential of the golden lancehead snake is encouraging. He advises that the golden lancehead’s venom has shown promise in treating heart disease, circulation and blood clots. Snake venom from other snake species also reportedly shows potential as an anti-cancer drug.